Missile Defense Japan

Missile Defense Japan 1.5.2

[FREE] ACTION GAME Ballistic missile are incoming.

[FREE] ACTION GAMEBallistic missile are incoming.


Ballistic missile are incoming.

Intercept and save Japan!

It's simple to play.


1. Slide your finger on bogey, and mark it.

2. Slide your finger on SAM base, and SAM is shot to bogey with guided.


1. Game clear , when quota of bogeys are intercepted.

2. Game over , when all of cities or bases are destroyed.


The base which is near by target bogey is easy to hit it.

It's possible to mark bogeys and shoot SAM continuously.

When multi targets are locked on and shoot down, you can get the more scores after second intercepted missile.(It means 'combo'.)

When you get your best score, tweet and up to GameCenter!

Good Luck!

Missile Defense Japan


Missile Defense Japan 1.5.2